Loaded with Goodness

What is Date Sugar?

Date sugar is made from dates that have been dried, pitted, and ground. No preservatives or chemicals are added—the sugar is purely dates. It retains almost all of the nutritional content of the original whole fruit, making it one of the healthiest sugar options on the market.

Low Glycemic Index

Date sugar has one of the lowest Glycemic Indexes of any sugar on the market, which helps you avoid spikes in blood sugar and prevents diabetes.

Vitamins and Nutrients

Date sugar is loaded with potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. It has more vitamins and minerals than any other sweetener.


Date sugar contains many types of antioxidants which stabilize your cells against free-radicals, protecting your body from disease.

Fiber Content

100g of date sugar can help you get almost half (47%) of your recommended daily fiber intake.

How Date Sugar Compares to Other Sweeteners

PurDate Date Sugar Nutrition Label