Here at Purdate, we hope to make lives sweeter and healthier each time a product goes out our doors...

Our Commitment To Community

We are committed to positively impacting local communities through every step in our production chain. PurDate is proud to work with a supplier who holistically works within their community - providing opportunities through educational development projects and empowering the younger generation to succeed.

Empowering Women

We care about women and share this value with our supplier, where over 80% of employees are women. These women are highly knowledgeable about dates and are further trained and equipped to move into leadership and other roles, opening opportunities for them to succeed.

Living Wages

In a sector where most of the workforce is seasonal, working for minimum wage and without benefits, we ensure the employees producing our product are paid above minimum wage, with long term year-round contracts and healthcare and retirement benefits.

Environmental Preservation

Reducing Food Waste-Our product is made from under-utilized, yet delicious, local dates that would otherwise be wasted due to aesthetics that disqualify them for grocery store sale. In this way, we diminish food waste and increase value for local date farmers through our  product.

Sustainable Production-We provide families with a healthy, natural sweetener using the best processes available. Our product is made in Tunisia using locally sourced dates and dried with the natural heat of the Sahara sun, keeping environmental impact to a minimum.

How You Can Help Make Lives Sweeter

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