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Podcasts featuring PurDate's Chelle Murphy

Chelle is passionate about creating healthy opportunities for others. That’s why when a sugar problem presented itself in her life and those around her, she found a solution. Because she also hates food waste, she started experimenting with imperfect dates that are about to be thrown away to create date sugar. Turns out, replacing processed sugars can improve one's physical and mental health significantly! Chelle and her family now live in the Sahara desert of North Africa where she started a business making date sugar in the community where the dates are grown. They provide above average wage jobs with benefits for local women while bringing the sweet taste of PurDate sugar to the world!

PurDate Sugar from a Tunisian Oasis

Marketing Director Chelle Murphy talks about her family business on the edge of the Sahara in Tunisia and how they are bringing date sugar to American markets as a healthy (and vegan) alternative to white sugar.

My Halal Kitchen

An Entrepreneur's Journey in Tunisia

 Chelle Murphy, an entrepreneur, homeschooling mom, ex-pat, and passionate advocate for mental health and opportunities for women. Chelle created a product called PurDate, a healthy sugar alternative. She does all of this while living in the heart of an oasis on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

Roller Coaster Podcast

Christmas Special : Chelle Murphy - Make healthier sugar choices for a radical life change

Chelle discusses how a few healthier diet decisions can compound to impact other areas of your life too!

My Steps to Sobriety Podcast

Making Healthier Sugar Choices

Chelle gives some tips for being able to eat sweet things without indulging in too much process sugar.

BarbieJo Podcast

Linda's Corner - Natural date sugar with Chelle Murphy

Discovering sweetness in the desert with Chelle Murphy

Linda's Corner Podcast