The Ultra Mirage 50k / 100k Comes to Tunisia

September 29, 2022 2 min read

Ultra Mirage ultrarunning 100km 50km event tozeur tunisia

The annual ultra run, the Ultra Mirage, takes place this Saturday, October 1, in part of the Sahara desert, located in the Djerid region of Tunisia.

The Ultra Mirage first came to Tunisia in 2017, and over the past 5 years, it has gained a reputation for being an extremely tough long distance run. In the Djerid region, the terrain includes dry salt flats, sand dunes and rocky desert paths. Temperatures in the Tunisian Sahara desert can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius, The only respite from the sun comes as runners pass through date palm oases. Because of the intense heat and desert landscape, medical help, technical support, and water are available at each of the race's checkpoints.

The Ultra Mirage race draws endurance athletes from all over the world. Currently, 335 runners from countries like France, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, and the USA have signed up for the event. There are also many Tunisians, ready to race against world champions, who have registered. 

The race takes place near the turistic town of Tozeur. Tozeur is known for being in the heart of the Tunisian Sahara. After racing, runners will be able to visit famous Star Wars sets such as Luke Skywalker's house, R2D2 and C3PO's escape pod landing site. The inside of Luke Skywalker's house is now a popular restaurant located in the town of Matmatta. There, runners and other tourists can enjoy Tunisian cuisine while admiring Star Wars memorabilia. 

Tozeur is also famous for producing some of the world's finest dates. The Douglet Nour abounds in the Tozeur region. At PurDate, we source all of our date sugar from organic dates grown in this region. Runners and race volunteers will have a chance to eat fresh dates from this year's harvest, provided from the local date oases.

PurDate is proud to be sponsoring the 2022 Ultra Mirage 50k/100k race. At the finish line, each runner will receive a bag of PurDate date sugar. Many endurance athletes find date sugar to be their favorite natural sweetener. Date sugar is a great sugar substitute for athletes, because it is made 100% from a whole fruit. It retains all the fiber and nutritional benefits of a normal date. Since date sugar is high in potassium, it can help runners prevent detrimental cramps during their race. Date sugar is also a high energy food, providing lasting strength for endurance athletes.

PurDate wishes each runner a great race!

Several PurDate representatives will attend the Ultra Mirage race. We will be featuring race updates and information on our social media (Instagram and Facebook), so be sure to follow @purdatesugar


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