Introducing Date Powder - The Only Date Sweetener Made Specifically for Beverages

November 12, 2022 2 min read

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Introducing Date Powder

At PurDate, we constantly strive to make lives sweeter, by providing nutritious date sweeteners for those seeking to substitute or replace refined sugar. While our date sugar has been a great hit, sometimes it is not the optimal sugar substitute in recipes such as frosting or in some beverages. Therefore, we are releasing our PurDate Date Powder, a date sweetener made specifically for beverages (or other recipes that require date sugar to dissolve quickly). 

What is Date Powder?

Date powder is like date sugar, but more finely ground. At PurDate, date powder is produced using the same organic dates, sourced from Tunisian oases, and we use the same sustainable production methods. It is 100% made from organic dates and has no added sugar or other ingredients. This means that date powder retains all the health benefits of date sugar. The only difference is that the date powder grains are smaller than date sugar grains. 

What is the difference between Date Powder and Date Sugar?

Since date powder is more finely grounded than date sugar, it dissolves better than date sugar giving it a smoother consistency and making it lest fibrous. Though date powder, like date sugar, contains healthy fiber that leaves a little bit of residue at the bottom of beverages, unlike date sugar, date powder suspends in liquids (especially liquids thicker than water such as coffee, cocoa, milk, etc.) instead of floating at the top. This makes date powder work better in beverages, frostings, sauces, marinades, and jams. 

How to use Date Powder:

Date powder is a 1:1 substitute for refined sugar. Because of its caramel flavor, it works well as a replacement for brown sugar. Unlike refined sugar, date powder has a low glycemic index. Add it to recipes when you want to trade sugar crashes for lasting energy throughout your day.

At PurDate, we have done extensive testing with date powder. We discovered that date powder works exceptionally well in frostings, jams, sauces, and thick beverages.

Here are a few recipes we recommend using date powder in:


1. Chocolate Frosting

Like powdered sugar, date powder gives frosting a smooth consistency. It is a great way to remove some added sugar from a cake recipe, without making the desert less sweet. We like using date powder with our chocolate frosting, because the color and flavoring complement the recipe well.

2. Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa with peppermint

Date powder dissolves great in hot cocoa or hot chocolate. It also gives a delicious caramel accent to the drink. Your preferred level of sweetness can be easily controlled by increasing or reducing the amount of date sugar you use.

3. Caramel Sauce

Date products naturally give recipes a caramel taste, so caramel sauce is perfect for date powder! Using date powder will help the sauce to have a more liquid consistency, allowing it to easily spread over whatever you would like to flavor with it.

Nutrition Info 

Below is the nutritional information for Date Powder. Since our PurDate date powder and date sugar are made from whole dates, they have the same nutrition information as standard Deglet Nour dates. 

Nutrition Label for Date Powder 

Looking for more info on how to use date powder or date sugar? Check out our complete guide.



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